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For chocolatiers and confectioners

The taste of chocolate develops, returning to its origins. The aroma of each individual chocolate delights your senses, evoking the exotic aromas of the land where they come from.
Aromatic, fruity and persistent bouquets, sweet or round depending on the origin of the cocoa used to make them.

This section presents chocolate for tempering machines made in Italy. We have all the varieties presented, our company does not sell them by weight, but exclusively in the original packaging of the DOMORI company.
DOMORI This is rightfully one of the most elite and incredibly aromatic and delicious varieties of chocolate in the world, this manufacturer of chocolate raw materials never uses any chemical additives and, especially, no palm oil. In the production of chocolate, only 100% natural cocoa beans from our own cocoa plantations are used.

If you are an existing chocolate production, a candy store or a professional chocolatier, then you can order samples of our entire professional line of chocolate in drops, as well as cocoa nibs from us, we send samples absolutely free! To do this, you just need to write us a request by e-mail:  INFO@LEBEDEVGROUP.COM

калеты domori .jpegкапля 1.jpegкапля 2.jpegкапля 5 .jpeg


For retail

If you want to order individual forms for chocolates or bars: We can make absolutely any form for you with your logo and your design on chocolates, sweets, bars, chocolate figures, etc. All molds will be made professionally and from durable, wear-resistant polycarbonate, in a professional factory in Italy. The production time together with the cliche (individual mold) is from 2 weeks to 1 month + delivery time in the USA

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